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Welcome to x1200 Server - PvP World

                                                                 We are glad to welcome you on the project
We are happy to tell you the good news, we launch the long-awaited PvP server, which has no analogues
in Lineage 2 C4 Scions of Destiny.
- A quality PTS server.
- New Equipment
- No hidden donate.
- Stable Online.
- Game without Vips, Guaranteed! 
You need to relax from your hard work or you're tired of the boring and endless farming on the lowe servers, then you come to us!
Get comfortable and join us, we have fun!

The server is scheduled to open on October 14.
Open Beta Testing scheduled for 12 October.

Server Fenice x30 - Online.

The following updates are available, 9/15/2022 :

  • Reworked the door area at the zaken. Ban on damage/res/through doors.
  • Reworked the passageway to the zaken. An NPC now appears through which you can get in. Fixed NPC time to be 12:00-12:10 AM.
  • Fixed the riot kill announcement.
  • Changed respawn times for the next epic RaidBoss:
    - Orfen - new time 20:00-21:00.
    - Core - new time 20:00-21:00.
    - Zaken - new time 21:00-22:00.
  • Updated the website.

Updates will take effect, at the next restart.

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To play on our project, you need to Register and download the server files
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